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Johan wrote on February 5,2018 about this piece
The jewelry is made up with yellow czech glass globules, turquoise earthenware dots, fluorite barrel dots in turquoise and amethyst, tiger eye dabs and pieces, 6mm crackle dots in turquoise and light amethyst alongside turquoise magnesite dabs.

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Jeannie Lanier wrote on September 19,2017
I spoke with you at Olivia's this week about an earring I bought as a set and lost one. I sent you a picture of it on your Yahoo address hoping that you could either make another pair and preferably a set to include a necklace and bracelet. It's orange and silver with a solid ball on top , I silver ring in the middle and a larger orange ball with silver designs raised on it. Please check your yahoo for a picture of it because I really like these... they are my favorite. Thanks .

Becky Horne David wrote on June 7,2016
Don't have the cross but will try to get one and ,and make the necklace
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Becky Horne Davis wrote on June 7,2016 about this piece
Becky I don't have that particular cross now. Will try to get it again just for you. Happy Anniversary - saw you and your hubby on FB luv Rita

Becky Davis wrote on June 3,2016 about this piece
Any more like this one? I love it!!

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Becky wrote on March 28,2016 about this piece
How much was this? Just beautiful!

Smithf392 wrote on November 21,2015
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Pharme501 wrote on November 15,2015
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Pharmf438 wrote on November 13,2015
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Vicki Ellis wrote on November 6,2012
Hi Rita! I dropped into see your site and your beautiful work! See you at Sherrie's soon! Vicki


Geneil Harris wrote on August 27,2012 about this piece
Hi Rita, I recently bought your amber and copper necklace and while searching your blog, I found this Christmas necklace. Are you considering making another Christmas necklace? I love Christmas and would be interested considering the cost of course. Thanks

Denise wrote on April 9,2012

I recently purchased a pair of earrings from you-- Reference #31861--which are hoops with silver baubles and spacers. My daughter has fallen in love with them and I was wondering if I could purchase another pair even though your site indicates that they are "sold." When I purchased them a few weeks back, you substituted different spacers than those pictured, if that helps you to remember me. Please advise. Thank you


Sherri wrote on January 15,2012 about this piece
Had not seen this on. Very pretty. Can we see it on another background color?

Sherron Schaefer wrote on January 13,2012 about this piece
This are really large and very in right now!

Chrysta Dickens wrote on January 8,2012 about this piece
Miss Rita, I love this set! Chrysta

Ellen Bagley Ingram wrote on September 26,2011 about this piece
Thank you so much Rita for mentioning me in your listing. I am just delighted!!

You are an amazing artist and your crocheted designs are inspirational to me.

Millie Rocheleau wrote on September 8,2011 about this piece
I want this necklace and the earring please. May I come and pick them up and pay you? Want to have them to wear this week-end. Thanks 281-7622

Kathy wrote on July 23,2011 about this piece
Love this...the colors are wonderful

Linda Taffet wrote on June 26,2011 about this piece
I love this necklace. Is it possible to make earrings that do not hang from a hanging piece. I would love to have a stone at the top of the earring. Love you, Linda

Linda Taffet wrote on June 26,2011 about this piece
I love this necklace. Is it possible to make earrings that doo not hang from a hsnging piece. I would love to have a stone at the time of the earring. Love you, Linda

pam wrote on June 23,2011 about this piece
Very pretty!

Kathy Rager wrote on March 22,2011 about this piece
Love, love, love

ella rosenthal wrote on February 8,2011 about this piece
I love the beads! They are so colorful!!!!

Nancy Abrams wrote on December 24,2010
I love your necklaces - when I have more time I will call to get further information.

MarJean Cook wrote on December 4,2010
These are all absolutely stunning! Good to see you today, Rita. I'll be in touch.

Kathy Rager wrote on November 23,2010 about this piece
Rita,How long is this necklace?

Hope Blackwell Boothe wrote on November 14,2010 about this piece
Wow, Rita!!!! How gorgeous!!! I love the pendant!!! It just makes the necklace!!!! You come up with the most beautiful pendants!!! I'm so jealous! (But I love you anyway)

Margaret wrote on September 26,2010 about this piece
Rita, this was the one I was thinking about. I'll bring the dress by this weekend though!!

Kathy Rager wrote on September 12,2010 about this piece
I love this one! Can you make more?

Hope Blackwell Boothe wrote on August 27,2010 about this piece
Just gorgeous, both of these necklaces are just gorgeous!!! I love everything you make, and am trilled to get to see some of them in person!!! Love, Hope

Hope wrote on August 16,2010
I love all you new creations!!!!! Everything is gorgeous!!!!! I love the red one that has a necklace you can remove. That's such a neat idea!!!

Judy wrote on August 10,2010 about this blog entry
Hey Rita!

I've looked at this entire page and everything on it is fabulous! I think it's a great idea to select/feature pieces to comment on and allow visitors to also make a comment about each piece. This will be especially helpful when you feel you need to give some further explanations about certain pieces (such as things that may not show up well in the picture.) What a great way to offer more explanation of them and get feedback!

Judy wrote on July 27,2010 about this piece
Are these the earrings we talked about last night? They look great! I need to get a picture of these to Naomi. Computer is acting up again! Can't do much with anything off web.

Judy wrote on July 27,2010
I have looked through your pages and have found unbelievably fabulous jewelry at unbelievably low prices! Everything is a work of art! The copper pendant is to die for!

mona wrote on July 18,2010 about this piece
I love this piece Rita!

Lauren Brown wrote on May 24,2010 about this piece
I love this! So creative and fun! Definitely on my want list!

Judy wrote on April 28,2010
Hey Rita! I came to your site today to show Naomi and Hattie your beautiful creations. You've added so many wonderful pieces and your prices are amazingly low! FABULOUS to see so much sold! Naomi wants a clear "crystal like" necklace. Do you take commissions? Love you! Judy

P.S. Can't wait to see you Saturday!

Richard Rosenthal wrote on April 21,2010 about this piece
Beautiful pendant - faceted

and sparkles

Sheril Greenstein wrote on March 21,2010
Rita - It was great seeing you and Alan this weekend! The jewelry is very pretty and creative. I like the crocheted necklaces.

Donna Kouwe wrote on February 17,2010 about this piece
I am thrilled with this purchase. The bracelet is exquisite.

Susan Mendel wrote on February 14,2010
Your jewelry is beautiful Rita! I especially like the crocheted necklaces.

donna duplichan wrote on February 8,2010 about this piece
I paid $240. for this bracelent in a gallery in Nanaimo, BC

Mary Pat Henderson wrote on January 17,2010 about this piece
Will you be making anymore bracelets like this? Or even similar? Look forward to hearing from you. Beautiful pieces!

Emily Sanderson wrote on January 17,2010 about this piece
love this one!

Lisa Goodman-Breyer wrote on December 31,2009
Hi Aunt Rita,

Your jewelry is just gorgeous! I am not at all surprised! I especially like the combinations of beads and colors that you choose for your designs.

It was so nice to hear from you on Facebook. Look forward to keeping in touch!!!! Love you, Lisa Joy


Misty Brooks wrote on December 23,2009
Hey Rita, sorry i havent had a chance to get back with you on Facebook, but looks like you have figured most of it out. You will enjoy it. You have some really pretty pieces and have done a great job in making them. Check me out on CrEatIoNs bY MiStY BrOoKs on Face book, I have all kinds of hand painted items for sell, ornaments, wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, I even have done some personal paintings, would love to do one for you!!! You can go to CrEatIoNs bY MiStY BrOoKs on Facebook or google it, and get to it that way. My prices are very reasonable. You can also email me at, share it with your friends and family, maybe they will become a fan as well. Well off to work, hope you and Alan have a Happy Holiday!!!!Talk with ya soon, Luv Misty B.

Etta Blackmon wrote on December 21,2009 about this piece
Rita these are wonderful!! what is the chance of getting set similar to this? If so, how much? I am so glad to hear from you on Facebook!!!
URL: http://columbus, ga

Linda McDonald wrote on December 19,2009
Your jewelry is beautiful. Hope you have a great


Dale wrote on December 18,2009
Gorgeous artistry!

Linda T wrote on December 16,2009
Your jewelry is lovely

Beverly wrote on December 4,2009
I saw so many that I like. They are all so pretty.

Hope Boothe wrote on December 3,2009
WOW!!! What gorgeous jewelry!!! Its all so beautiful, I couldn't possibly pick a favorite, great prices, too! I love everything!!!

Kathy wrote on December 2,2009 about this piece
This is beautiful

Sherri Schaefer wrote on November 18,2009
You jewelry is absolutely stunning. I've seen it all in person so I know!

S. Schaefer wrote on November 18,2009 about this piece
War Eagle!

Madalyn wrote on November 15,2009 about this piece
Roll Tide!

Madalyn wrote on November 15,2009 about this piece
I like this a lot. Everything looks beautiful!See you soon!

Shaye Crisp wrote on November 14,2009 about this piece
Love this!!!

rich wrote on November 14,2009
very nicely done the jewelry stands out and it looks great

Beth wrote on November 10,2009
Top notch! I'll be back for the cuff bracelet. Wow!

Judy Kaminsky wrote on November 9,2009
I have reviewed this entire site and find it to be exceptional! Your jewelry shows up beautifully and it is gorgeous!

Genevieve wrote on October 31,2009 about this piece
Beautiful piece, Rita.