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Gold Wire Wrapped Necklace
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Close up of middle of necklace.

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Click on this picture and you can see it displayed in Art Gallery, The Enchanted Bead, Monatgomery, Al

Gold Wire Wrapped Necklace
The item featured is a Vintage Gold Wire Wrapped piece that is a large selection of many Vintage pieces in gold, porcelain, glass beads and gemstones. The center of the necklace is a Lady in Jewels make in porcelain. The Lady has many stripes painted in black and matte gold. There are several blue and pink flowers, and a touch of light green leaves. Above the Lady is a filigree piece used as a hat with two faceted aurora borealis beads to great lighting. At the top, there are two porcelain matching pieces that are blue and gold circles. The pieces are handmade by Artist Leslie Beringer Fitterman. They are flanked on two filigree leaves and at the tip of the leaf is a large 12mm AB crystal bead which is joined together with a gold glass bead. The Lady is placed on a matte gold circular piece and below her is an Antique gold and turquoise blue earrigs that was purchased at an Estate Sale. And finally, a tassel. The sides of this piece have branches of many gold filled pieces. One is a heart, a round piece with large crystal in the center, and a handmade earrings in gemstones, black and gold. The other side of the necklace is also wire wrapped branches with many embellishments that have been added to this piece of art. The necklace is suitable for a small to medium size and can be adjustable. On the right, there are several gold filled pieces, handmade drop earings and lovely earrings in gold to make this a wonderful wearable art, who is called "The Lady in Jewels". Please scroll down the page to see another photograph.
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